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Product name

Crown Block

Product description

◆ The crown frame is made of high strength steel shapes & plates. The lug plate for top drive is provided. The crown block is equipped with metal base plate, handrail, and toeboard. A ladder has an opening.

◆ A deviation fast-line sheave.

◆ The sheave cluster is tilted to counteract traveling block’s torque. The side plate assembly is faced with derrick man for ease of picking off & suspending elevators.

◆ The sheave grooves are intermediate frequency quenched so as to improve surface hardness and extend service lift of sheaves.

◆ All sheaves had double-row conical roller bearings and each bearing has individual lubricating channel.

◆ The rope guard prevents the wire rope from running out of the sheaves grooves.

◆ Equipped with wooden bumper blocks and retainer net.

◆ Equipped with a gin pole for use in repairing the sheaves cluster.

◆ Equipped with sand line sheaves and auxiliary sheaves.

◆ The sheaves and the bearing are interchangeable with those of matching travelling block.

◆ The crown blocks conform to API Spec. 4F,8C and API monogram is permitted to be used.