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Product name

Iron Roughneck

Product description

Technical features:

TZG series iron roughneck is a wellhead mechanization tool which is used for drill pipe drill collar and joints to make up and break out on offshore and onshore drilling rigs. It is composed mainly by spinner tongs, clamping pliers, telescopic arm, hydraulic control system, electric and air control system etc.

◆ The spinner tong is used for high-speed rotating to drive string to fast make up and break out joint thread.

◆ The clamping plier is a low speed large torque make up/break out tool. It can makeup thread and break out thread according to the requirements of the drilling process. Overall equipment can make pipe handling operation into a continuous and efficient process.

◆ The telescopic can perform automatic alignment of forward and backward, up and down, rotary and other operations, according to the position of the drilling string.

◆ It can finish pipe handling operation not only at wellhead by automatic alignment, but also at mouse hole with the maximum angle of 24° in all position.

◆ It also can control by electrical system, adopt the SIEMENS PLC and wireless control technology helps to achieve three control modes: Remote wireless control mode, local emergency control mode and driller integrated control mode.