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Product name

Hydraulic Catwalk

Product description

The catwalk is mainly used for automatic convey of sucker rods, oil pipes, casings and drill pipes and other slender pipes and rods between the pipe rack and the operating platform and pipe arranging. The catwalk can not only convey the pipes and rods on the pipe rack to the drilling platform but also convey downwards the pipes and rods form the wellhead to the pipe rack, solving the time and energy consuming and poor security problems of the traditional pipe and rod conveying and arranging during the workover, greatly reducing the labor intensity and risk of security accidents and effectively improving the operation efficiency. Only 4 workers are required on the site for efficient and high-quality completion of the operation.

The catwalk has the following features:

◆ Full realization of mechanized operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers.

◆ Reliable operation, improving the labor efficiency of the workers and operation security. At least one worker is reduced compared with the traditional pipe conveying.

◆ Smart control and simple operation with three operating modes of study entry, automatic operation and manual operation. It can be operated by remote control in the range of 50m.

◆ The conveying device, hydraulic power station and control system are separated and connected through push-in fittings, improving work security and facilitating maintenance, handling and installation.

◆ Complete protection. It has overvoltage protection of the hydraulic system, explosion protection of the electric control system and protection measures against short circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage, over-current,overheating, input phase loss, etc.