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Product name

Cold-Weather Drilling And Workover Rig

Product description

The cold-weather drilling and workover rig can normally be operated under a working ambient temperature of -45 degrees, which is suitable for using in the severe cold oil fields in Russia, Canada and other similar regions.

◆ The main loading parts of this drilling rig are produced with cryogenic materials which are assessed strictly after low-temperature welding.

◆ The travelling block and crown block are produced with special materials and technology processes to ensure good working performance under low temperature conditions.

◆ The hydraulic lines, pneumatic lines, cables, valves and oils that we selected have a cold weather performance.

◆ Electrical heating system or steam heating system is used for the transmission box, oil tank or water tank.

◆ Special windproof sheds, heat insulation and heating measures are used for the drilling and workover rigs.