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Product name

Flushby Unit

Product description

The Flushby unit is also called Rapid service rig(RSR),is a multifunctional equipment mainly used for well flushing and sand washing in thick oil well, and performing quick workover service of shallow to thick oil well. It is the next generation of service machine that outperforms service unit, pump truck and crane truck working together. the flushby unit shows the excellent performance in the oil well matter in saving cost,or improving the efficiency, the flushby unit is better than conventioal workover rigs.Nowadays,the flushby unit is become a "first call"or "first choice" option for workover work

◆ Flushby unit can substitute the crane, flush truck, pump truck in sand washing work of heavy oil well in rotary screw pump type. It can also work as a light and efficient small workover rig. It is a true all in one complex unit.

The mast is equipped with long diagonal draw bar to open and shut automatically, which makes the rig not only facilitate horizontal drilling, but also function on a well slanted at a 45 degree angle.

◆Flushby unit is highly integrated and flexibility with all the equipment and tools mounted on one truck which can shows good maneuverability to creat profits and benefits for clients.

The application mainly include:

Change the polished rod

Servicing the surface equipme 

◆Pressure test

◆Sand washing and dewaxing

◆Fishing the rods

◆Trouble clearing the well,such as the broken tube and the equipment

◆Insert and change the pumps or the motor(for PCP and PPR)

◆Killing the well

◆Pulling and running the polished rods


In addition,the flushby unit can combine with other service unit to make more benefit,it is include:

◆work with other units or equipment as a "pressure unit"

◆work with the colied tubing unit to run and operate the continuous rod

◆work with the continuous rod injector

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