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How does flushby unit work?

What is a flushby unit ?

Read our blog on “flushby unit:benefit and applications” to learn about the specific applications for a flushby unit.Now,let’s start to learn the specifics of how a flushby unit works and the understanding the process a little more in depth.


From the last blog we post,we know the benefit and the three applications of the flushby units include:

◆Surface equipment application

◆Down-hole operations

◆Combined with other units or tools


In the above three applications,flushby unit can Diagnose and troubleshoot in time which the oil well get in trouble ,this unit can be regard as “first calling ”for the most operators,from the last article “The Flushby Unit:benefits and applications”we know the standard flushby unit mainly consist as below:

◆Fluid tanks

◆Triplex pump &manifold

◆Main drum assembly

◆Overhead lifting equipment

◆Mast and main whinch

◆Bop system

◆Other tools



How do they work?

To realize the operating principle of this unit.let me to introduce the way of the power transmission first,the power from the engine will be transferred to the transfer case via the transmission through the driving shaft.the transfer case transferred the power the chassis rear axle,the right angle gear box,and the triplex pump ,so as to realize the chassis traveling,workover and flushing operations.


In the usual operating of the flushby units for flushing well,in most producing well ,the sand is a important factor that cannot be ignored,large concentrations of sand can interfered with the well to keep normal production.the first step is linking the outlet of the triplex pump to the inlet of the well with high pressure line,then use the self-priming pump connect with the external water,the main purpose of this process is filling the tank with water through the self-priming pump,when the tank full with the water, the water or other liquid is pumped through the well,the sand and mud will cycling to the top of the well.when the well flush is finished,turn off the triplex pump and recycle the high pressure pipe and the drain-pipe,the whole process is over.the same process applies the killing well----the triplex pump pumping the heavy fluid over the well to prevent any accident and the flow of the fluid of the well.

This process can apply to these applications:

◆Flushing the well(sand and wax)

◆Killing the well(pumping the heavy fluid)

◆Pressure test


The next aspect of the flushby unit is artificial lift,whether the down-hole operating or any surface equipment applications, the pulling and hoisting functions is the another main functions of the flushby unit,is easy to realize the operating principle,before raising the mast,we should check the mast completely,ensure there is no foreign matters on the mast and other preparatory work shall be completed,the load of the mast is about 50000lbs,so all kind of the flushby unit is only apply to shallow to medium layer. After that,we can do a lot of workover operations base on this such as fishing the broken and parted rods or polished rods,pulling and running the sucker rods even combined with other units to run or operate the coiled tubing.when all the works finished,lower the mast and take back all the jacks and the lowering mast is completed.

This process can apply to these applications

◆Changing the insert pumps and equipment (PCP and PPR)

◆Fishing the rods

◆Maintain the surface equipment

◆Pulling and running the other tools and equipment


This unit benefits from its lightly and flexibility,it can drive to the well site for the first time,but every coin has two sides,the flushby unit is only apply to minor repair workover operations of the oil filed,as for the availability and the repeatability of the flushby unit,the operators will not to waste time to wait.anyway,as a unit to provide the quick service to keep the well to normal production,sometimes it cannot instead of the conventional workover rig after all.


Hence,to summarize the main two working process of the flushby unit:

◆Provide the flushing service to circulate the fluid to flush well/pumping the heavy fluid to kill well

◆Hoisting and pulling all kinds of equipment and tools to keep the well to the normal production

“let your work more easier and faster”

Ts-sinotai petroleum is professional company which design and manufacture the full line of the drilling and workover rigs,flushby unit and other oil filed service truck,we have state-of-art technology team and sales team to provide our client the best service and product,as for the flushby unit,our product are of high quality and each product is through strict inspection which we purchased this unit to Oman,South-America,Indonesia,etc. If you request a quote,just sent the data and your require,we can try our best to meet your need.

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