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What is flushing and dewaxing unit

what is flushing and dewaxing unit

The flushing and dewaxing unit(also named dewax rig) is one of a oil filed service truck,it mainly consist of a triplex pump,a fluid tank and a combustor.the main functions of this unit are backflushing the sand and wax with water,treated fluid,and clean oil to clear the trouble of the well, ensure the well to normal production.this unit is mainly designed for clearing the sand and wax.all the applications include as below:

    ◆Flushing the well

    ◆Dewaxing the well

    ◆Pressure test

    ◆Dredge surface pipeline

The features and advantages:

    ◆All-wheel drive, good off-road performance, suitable for oil field road conditions

    ◆Suitable for deep well and workover operations

    ◆Effective flushing well

    ◆Parameters can be adjusted as required,such as temperature and pressure


Why need this unit

Dewaxing the well In the development of the oil filed,the wax problem always arouse the oil well production accident,the reason of this problem is the oil is stored in the ground floor,the temperature and pressure of the oil are increased and when it is exacted.then the wax in the oil is gradually separated from the oil(according to the most experience,wax is mainly concentrated in the middle of the tubing).because of this phenomenon,the amount of wax is increasing if doesn't handle in time. The wax on the Sucker rod and oil pipe increase the load of the pump unit and other surface equipment,so the cost of the production is increase. when the wax precipitates out badly, the well will stop.base on this phenomenon ,we should make the dewaxing opreations to maker sure the normal production of the well.

Flushing the well The sand (and the fine in CBM well) is a typical product in most producing wells,the sand and wax usually be gather in the outlet and inlet of the pump,so it may cause serious damage to normal production.this unit can make a good performance to pumping the fluid to the well to backflush the sand.

How does it works

The flushing and dewaxing unit is designed under the technology of the heating power,this method is to remove and prevent wax by raising the temperature of well fluid measures,when the temperature higher than the melting point of the wax,the wax on the wall of the well is remelted into the oil.

Heated fluid to melt wax so as for this unit,after the triplex pump pumping the fluid (oil or water)into the boiler which installed at the rear of the truck ,it can provide the power and space to heat the fluid,and then pumping to the well to melt wax.

Flushing with steam. to melt wax the unit can pumping the water to the boiler by triplex pump and then the boiler heat the water into the steam and transfer it to the well so that can melt the wax.

Generally speaking,the flushing and dewaxing unit is a good and cost-effective oil filed service unit to removal the plug of the oil well and specially suitable for oilfiled operating in low temperature area, meanwhile it is provided with the illuminated entry system and it is convenient to work at night.

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