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What is no guy-line workover rig


What is no guy-line workover rig?

No guy-line workover rig means cancel the outer guy-line in the design process of workover rig,only retain the inner guy-line to keep it stability,this new style workover rig is great reduce the require of the working space and working time to improve the work efficiency,greatly reducing the the labor intensity of oil workers,The main benefits of the no guy-line workover rig include:

     ◆ less installation time

     ◆ no need to install outer guy-line

     ◆ more maneuverability

     ◆ less operating cost

     ◆ no need more auxiliary


 Fig 1. 1.load line line 3.dead line                     Fig 2. wellsite operation


With the development of the oilfield exploitation technology, all kinds of faults are easy to happen in the process of producing oil well.the workover rig plays a important role in troubleshooting oil some area of harsh natural conditions,for example,at the low temperature area,it is hard to play a anchor in 1m~2m stratum;it is hard to play a anchor in a narrow field,and we also cannot play a anchor in the dessert or beach area.therefor,a new style workover rig with no guy-line was developed under the no guy-line technology,this kind of workover rig cancel the outer guy-line and redesign the structure to keep its stability to save the time and cost of operators.

Designing the no guy-line workover rig

There are two designs to make this workover rig to keep stable instead of the outer guy-line:on the one hand,two transverse telescopic oil jacks(fig 3) are installed at the bottom and rear of the no guy-line workover rig.the telescopic length of the oil jacks is longer than conventional workover rig.on the other hand,the mast pedestal was redesigned,the side of the mast is in rectangular shape(fig 4),and enhanced the support design which increase the stability of the mast.


             Fig 3. design of the oil jacks                                        Fig 4. design of the mast

Advantages of no guy-line workover rig

No guy-line workover rig as a result of the efficiency ,flexibility and integration of equipment,are more effective than conventional workover rigs.this rig can be used in situations where a conventional workover rig would be too large or might not be readily available to perform a required intervention or surface work.there are many parameters to show the outstanding performance of the no guy-line workver rig as below:



Conventional workover rig


No guy-line workover rig



With guy-line

No guy-line

Ohter auxiliary equipment



Rig up


20-30 min

Rig down

18-20 min

10-18 min

Install time

120 min

20-40 min

Site requirements

Sufficient space mustbe reserved for a minimum of 30X30

Low requirements of the well site

No need any space

Highly requirements of the well site

wind risk



Load rating

150t and below

60t and below(or 40t)

Back support


With oil jack

Support system

Only leveling jacks

two transverse telescopic oil jacks are installed at the bottom and rear of the no guy-line workover rig

From this chart,the stability of conventional workover rig is higher than no guy-line workover rig,as for the no guy-line workover rig ,The most advantages is economic benefits ,Taking the XJ150 no guy-line workover rig as example,the operation time of the equipment compare with the conventional workover rig in same level:


Conventional Workover rig

No guy-line workover rig

Time saving

Rig up


(open oil jack 8min)


(play anchor 20min,install guy-line 20min)


Rig down


(close oil jack 7min)


(recycly guy-line 16min)






From this chart ,it is clearly shows that no guy-line workover rigs don’t need to play anchor and adjust the guy with the same level conventional workover rig ,the speed of the rig-up and rig-down is more faster than conventional one,the time are saving 41 minutes per the construction progress and the work efficiency was highly improved which significant saveings can be realized in reducced the operation time and improve the work efficiency.


TS-SINOTAI is a professional petroleum equipment supplier,the no guy-line workover rig are passed a number of strict test,and meet API spec 4F,for a long time,we put the needs of customers first and provide the 30t,40t,50t,60t no guy-line workover rigs.we can provide any kinds of product according to the needs of customers.


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